Q: Will I be able get a CDL A for my first time if I have two DUIs that are over ten years old?
I want to get my CDL A and I have had two DUIs and one is over ten years old while
The other is almost ten years old about 8 months shy. They were misdemeanor with no injuries or wrecks and I am able to expunge them off of my criminal record. I pulled my CDL C driving record from dmv today and it’s shows the dui that was from 2013 and nothing more. Will I be able to qualify to get my CDL A? Thank you for taking my question.

A: You should be able to apply for and get your CDL now. The only question is whether you took and completed the multiple offender program after your second DUI. If you did complete the drunker driving class you should be able to take the written and behind the wheel test ,pay the fee and get your license. If NOT the DMV will require you to enroll in the class and complete it before applying for your license.

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