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Q:How do I know if I got charged for DUI on October 17, 2021?
I got into a car accident while I was under the influence of alcohol, i had court on January 25, 2022 and mine name didn’t show up so I talked to someone at the clerk office and she said there was no case except for a speeding ticket I need to pay.

A: If there were no charges filed on the date you were given, and you checked with the clerk at the time, you did what you had to do. The prosecutor's office has one year to file charges (assuming this is a first offense misdemeanor DUI) you should continue to check with the court during the next few months to confirm that no charges have been filed.
You also can contact a local DUI lawyer and discuss the situation and what can be done to prevent charges from being filed. You also may have a suspended license unless your license wasn't taken by the officer at the time you were arrested.

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