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Q: Can I take my dui case to trial, I wasn't driving and was sitting in passenger seat parked ?
Left a bar was drinking because of some personal family issues. So my friend was driving me home... Tire had a blow out. It was 11pm he had to work at 5am. I told him that I will car my family to come and have it towed. So he got picked up and left. I stayed in passenger seat sleeping then a chp knocked on the door and got me out and questioned me about the situation. I told him I wasn't driving and my friend who was had to go. He arrested me for DUI. It's been over a year since I pleaded not guilty and nothing has happened yet....

A: You seem to have waived your right to a speedy trial. You can tell
your attorney you want to withdraw the waiver and set the matter for trial. To convict, prosecution has to prove you were operating a vehicle while intoxicated, not sitting in one.