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Q: Got dui and cops never turned ticket in to court but did to dmv

I got pulled over for suspicion of dui and was not able to perform breathalyzer properly so cops took me to hospital and did blood test and all. After that cops took me to station, did their paperwork and released me. Cops turned ticket in to dmv but never did with court. My license got suspended for 6 months. I went to court on date listed on yellow paper ticket but was given proof of being present their but nothing was done they said if ticket was not turned in within 1 year from that date it will be dismissed. Now after 7 months i got letter from city saying my hearing is rescheduled to next month and it was done by DA and DA may or may not file charges against me. Also ticket is not in court system yet i checked it online. i wanted to know what are my odds and if its against or with me. should i get a lawyer? This is my first dui.

​A: It is always best totalk to and attorney to discuss your case, as most attorney have free consultations to see if you will hire a lawyer to help you with your case, you should contact a local DUI defense attorney to discuss the path forward or wait to see what happens at your first appearance (arraignment), if you want to hire a lawyer at that time most judges will extend your arraignment so that you can find a lawyer.

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