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Q: What can I do with this 1st DUI in California.

I was driving South Bound on I-5 from Kern county towards LA county. A white charger was tailgating me and I was changing lanes to avoid a collision. He then pulled next to me and pulled what seemed to be a weapon as he waived. I quickly moved over and speed to avoid any confrontation and that's when a CHP pulled me over. He mentioned he was 15 mins to end of shift and said he was going 85 when i passed him. I passed the PAS and when he asked for a breathalyzer I declined and he took me in. I requested for blood work and he declined and said he needed me to check my BAC via a breathalyzer. Long story short, he gave me a ticket for DUI and my citation only has DUI on it. This is my 1st offense and am I able to ask for records of when was the last time the device was service ? I did tell him of why I sped up.

​A: There are at least a few issues here that a good DUI attorney can use to help you. One problem for you is if the officer wrote this up as a test refusal - DMV will want a year hard suspension. You have right to request a blood test, so the right attorney will use that to help you. Contact an experienced DUI attorney ASAP. You have only 10 days from the date of arrest to request a DMV hearing and avoid an automatic suspension of your driver license.