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Q:  Can a head light out turn into suspicious dui even when I passed the field test breath alizer & not get a ticket for light

I was pulled over on the freeway for a head light out, then the questioning turn into a DUI , I passed the field sobriety test I passed the breath test & after being detained for 4hrs & continous tests I was booked into jail & how to bail out yet, my car wasnt inpounded, I wasnt given a ticket for the head light out Im a legal licensed driver with insurance how do i fight this at my court date

A:  Having your headlights out at night is a violation of the law which gives them an excuse to at least pull you over if you do well on the breathalyzer and on the field sobriety test you may have an argument for lack of probable cause to arrest for DUI which would get your case dismissed you really need to consult with an attorney and consider getting good representation

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