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Q:  Am I allowed to view my breathalyzer score during the traffic stop?

Was pulled over and cuffed for DUI. I passed every field sobriety test but was told I had .08 and then a .09 score on the breathalyzer. After cuffed, I asked if there was a way to view my score and was denied. Then suggested if I can take it again; 2 minutes after being cuffed so I can see my score for myself. The accused me of calling them liars and said I wasn't able to retake it. So I had to take his word for it. Wonder how my BAC went up the second time? They did the big breathalyzer at the station about 40 minutes later and I was cleared to go. My car was towed and I might have a citation/ticket.

A:  It is not unusual for the two readings to be one number apart. You do not have a right to view the machine. If your license was taken and you were given a paper that serves as a temporary license, you need to contact the DMV for a hearing or your license will automatically be suspended. The "ticket" is most likely a promise to appear on the DUI charge. You can either hire private defense counsel or ask for the public defender the first time you go to court