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Q:  Got a sencond dui in the state of California (first one in another state) did house arrest in California but now I got a job in another state. Can I complete those AA classes online or in that state? How does that work? I don't want to miss on a great opportunity for a better job position.

A:  You don't have AA classes to attend it is the SB 38 Second Offender 18 month long program.It is a term of your probation as well as a DMV requirement.You most likely have a suspended licensce as well.You need to have your attorney go back to court you can have them request to allow you to attend an equivalent program in whatever state you are going to or you can surrender your California drivers licensce and there is a DMV form you can fill out to request a waiver of the program because of your out of state residence Contact an attorney either way to assist you