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Q: Can I get my drivers license back after 13yrs of not driving due to dui suspension. And not completing program?

A: Unfortunately, DMV does its own thing. It is most likely that DMV will require enrolling and completing the DUI program and obtaining a SR22, paying the reinstatement fee, and taking at minimum a written test before issuing a license. Go to any DMV field office to obtain an H6 printout, locate a facility close to you to complete the program and take the H6 printout to enroll in the program, finish it, contact an insurance company to get the SR22 which you will need to maintain for 3 years after getting driving privileges back. You may want to contact an experienced DUI attorney where you live to help you through the process if you need help to get things going. Plus, you want to make sure that there isn't a violation of probation for failure to complete the DUI program pending and if not, maybe you will want to get the conviction set aside pursuant to Penal Code section 1203.4. Best of luck and hope your wife recovers quickly.